High Lights

The helmet from Villeneuve (Vaud). 6th century AD

This helmet was found at the mouth of the Rhône in Villeneuve. One of a relatively rare type – just over thirty examples are attested – it probably belonged to a Frankish nobleman.

Ceramic beaker. Giubiasco (Ticino). 1st century AD

Bearing the image of a human face with grotesque features, its function was probably to ward off evil.

Blown glass vessels. Conthey (Valais). 4th century AD

Discovered in the tomb of a small necropolis adjoining a Roman villa, this group contains receptacles that were almost certainly manufactured on the Syro-Palestinian coast.

Erstfeld treasure (Uri). 4th century B.C. Holdings of the canton of Uri
The Erstfeld Treasure, consisting of seven gold ornaments, was discovered by chance in 1962, hidden in a crack in a rock. This outstanding group is considered one of the finest examples of Celtic gold jewellery.

The Zurich-Altstetten bowl (Zurich). Bronze Age
Discovered during the construction of a railway line in 1906, this golden bowl weighs 910 grams, making it one of the heaviest gold receptacles unearthed in Europe to date.

Blown glass vessels. Conthey (Valais). 4th century AD
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